Corporate and Commercial

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Conatur Legal provides advice on a wide range of corporate governance and company law issues for private and public companies at a state, national and international levels. 

We provide corporate advisory and tailored legal solutions. Our dedicated team applies their proficiency to assist clients in navigating through the ever-increasing complex environment for corporations.

We have specialised experience to ensure compliance in the following areas:

  • Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and other applicable Australian laws and policy
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions,disposals, due diligence and structuring issues.
  • Joint ventures including  creating ownership, management and operational structures in compliance to commercial and regulatory requirements.
  • Tailored advice to company boards, shareholders and directors.
  • Corporate reconstructions
  • Corporate governance
  • Capital management strategies, including buybacks and capital reductions.
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals, including ASX, ASIC and FIRB.
  • Applications and compliance for licenses

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