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Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure

Our Conatur Legal Construction and Infrastructure team has the requisite experience to pilot all property and construction related matters from simple contracts to multi-million-dollar ventures/projects.

We have expertise in acting for a wide array of clients including property developers, agri-businesses, builders, architects, engineers, real-estate agent, sub-contractors and hotels.

We handle all aspects of property and construction matters from contract inception, preparation of documents for acquisitions, sub-division, contract preparation, tendering, due diligence, through to construction documentation, leasing and completion.

We have specialist expertise in the following areas:

  • Project life issues for major construction projects
  • Tenders and probity requirements
  • Risk management regarding project delivery models best suited to each project ‘Back to back’ obligations and the stepping down of risks to a client’s subcontractors
  • Structuring and funding of major project consortiums and joint ventures
  • Preparation and management of construction contracts, consultancy agreements and specialist equipment supply contracts
  • Security of payment
  • Construction disputes, prolongation and acceleration claims and all forms of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation and expert determination

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