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Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing Lawyers

Get more value. Our conveyancing lawyers are experienced in property and commercial law. This way you can obtain a proactive, designated and skilled team rather than having a generic conveyancer, often for the same amount!



Our pricing framework is designed to cater for you and your financial situation. Services are provided fixed-fee. We strive to implement cost effective strategies without compromising our high level of service.



We put ourselves in your position. We think laterally rather than vertically. Our reengineered approach involves use of autonomous regulated systems, allowing us to meet deadlines and work with complexity.



Transparency is key to a positive client experience. We share our inner-workings with you and implement the best pricing framework without any hidden costs or terms



We can guarantee extensive representation based on proven experience not theory. Our team is constantly on the move and adapting to the ever-changing legal landscape.



We are drivers of change & innovation. We believe those willing to respond to change will be most effective in providing solutions.



A modern firm needs to be flexible. Regardless of the circumstances, let us demonstrate how we represent you with our expertise, flexibility and teamwork.



We provide added peace of mind so you do not have to worry about your matter and can focus on life. Feel at ease knowing your designated solicitor is handling everything required; while keeping you updated at all times.


Conatur Legal has the expertise and experience to help you on all legal-related matters for your property.

Sale of Property

Whether you are selling a home, investment property or vacant land, conveyancing is more than merely the exchanging of money and handover of the keys. This complex process involves a range of legal requirements, from compliant documentation to the settlement process itself.

It is best practice to speak to your Conatur Conveyancing team before you sign any contract prepared by the Agent. We may alert you to specific matters that need to be addressed in the sale of your property. We can also advise you on any special conditions, whether required by you or requested by the buyer, with no additional cost.

As your conveyancing lawyers, we are here to streamline the selling process, offer advice and assist you to meet all legal obligations as a vendor including:

  • Disclosure obligations
  • Understanding special conditions or "subject to?" clauses
  • The buyer's cooling-off rights
  • Your rights to withdraw from the sale
  • Circumstances where a party can avoid settlement enforcement of termination clauses.

Your dedicated Conatur Conveyancing lawyer and Support Officer will provide you with tailored conveyancing services from start to finish. The components of a sale include:

  • Searching with government departments and local authorities for anything affecting the property
  • Advising and Preparation on the information in Form 1
  • Compliance with all special conditions and time limits
  • Settlement documentation
  • Liaising with existing Mortgagees and Financiers
  • Discharging old mortgages
  • Calculation of pro-rata council rates and taxes
  • Preparation of adjustment statements and settlement statements
  • Properly accounting for all monies expended or held in trust
  • Attendance at settlement on your behalf
Sale of Property

Purchase of Property

Purchasing property or land is a big deal for our clients and we treat it as such by having your dedicated conveyancing lawyer explain the process and manage the complex series of tasks that require knowledge and skill.

We pride ourselves on handling the legal paperwork required to be completed on your behalf and protect your position. We take care of the entire conveyancing process from the date of the signing of the contract through to settlement day so you and your family can focus on life with peace of mind.

We are with you every step of the way to keep you updated, informed and address any queries or concerns that you may have.

Your dedicated Conatur Conveyancing lawyer and Support Officer will provide you with tailored conveyancing services from start to finish. The components of a purchase include:

  • Review of Contract and Form 1
  • Meeting you face-to-face
  • Advising on the effect and meaning of the contract
  • Certificate of Title searches
  • Preparation and certification of settlement documents
  • Stamp Duty calculation and payment
  • Coordination of settlement with the Vendor’s representative and Real-Estate Agent
  • Calculation of pro-rata council rates and taxes and preparation of settlement statements;
  • Liaising with banks, mortgage broker, mortgagors and financiers; and
  • Attendance at settlement on your behalf
Sale of Property

Property Division

Our specialized Conveyancing Lawyers and support team are well equipped to deal with any sized project as we can provide multi-faceted conveyancing and legal services.

We are here to assist you maximize your investment with land sub-divisions. We take a proactive approach and endeavor to save you time and money.

Every land division is different, and we treat each project with expertise and tailored skill. All land division matters are performed fixed-fee providing you additional peace of mind.

We assist you throughout the entire land sub-division process from providing advice as to initial steps to preparing legal documentation required for the issuing of new certificates of title.

We will keep you informed throughout the entire development application and land sub-division Process.

The components of a land sub-division include:

  • Liaising with various stakeholders including land surveyor, council and mortgagees
  • Assisting throughout the Development Application Process
  • Coordinating with the Development Assessment Commission or Relevant Authority
  • Obtaining Mortgagee Consent
  • Preparation of By-Laws and Management Plans
  • Dealing with easements and encumbrances
  • Depositing documents with Lands Titles Office
  • Obtaining newly issued Certificates of Title
Sale of Property

Family Transfer

We understand the delicate nature of Family property transfers and ensure our clients are well taken care of by not only providing informative and detailed advice, but also acting upon our clients requests in relation to the property.

We draft, prepare and lodge required documents with care and efficiency and when possible, ensure stamp duty exemptions will be applied.

Together with our dedicated wills and estates planning team, we can ensure your property portfolio is structured in a way that best protects you. If your relationship has recently changed or you want to change the ownership structure of your property, we are here to help you.

There are a number of legal issues that need to be considered when transferring property and that’s where Conatur can assist.

Our specialized Conatur Property team can assist with:

  • Family transfers
  • Spousal and de-facto transfers
  • Estate planning transfers on behalf of executors
  • Asset Protection
  • Caveats
  • Transmission Applications
  • Custom arrangements and private contracts

In times of uncertainty our Family Law team can also assist with advice, especially when amicable resolution between former partners or spouses cannot be reached.

Sale of Property

Forms 1

A Form 1 is the industry name for a Vendor’s Disclosure Statement which requires the seller to disclose certain details relating to the land, house or commercial property that they are selling.

A Form 1 is a complex legal document which must meet certain criteria. Conatur has developed a dedicated online Form 1 platform (Conatur Forms), in which Real Estate Agents and clients alike can easily and securely order the required Form 1.

Conatur Forms removes the stress and concerns by providing a legally compliant Form 1 and can delivers it directly to your appointed Real Estate Agent. We will follow-up to ensure to information provided is 100% accurate and pride ourselves on our very quick response times.

Sale of Property

Sale/Purchase of Business

Buying or selling a business can be very complex and often leads to vendors and purchasers with a variety of factors and issues to consider. Sale of Business contracts can be complex documents which require Conatur’s specialist business acumen.

We aim to minimize hassle by providing end-to-end business sale or purchase services.

We can assist with the preparation contracts, reviewing documentation and facilitation of the transaction. We will also liaise with relevant professionals as required such as accountants and financiers.

Our specialized team provides services including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Form 2 considerations
  • Business purchase and sale contract preparation- Simple and Complex
  • Commercial law advice
  • Business conveyancing
  • Asset transfer
  • Debts and Receivable considerations
  • Tax Considerations
  • ASIC requirements

Clients will have access to a designated commercial lawyer, which will assist throughout the lifespan of the matter, and this protects your position even further.

Sale of Property

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