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Compulsory Acquisition

Compulsory Acquisition

Our Conatur Legal Compulsory Acquisition Team has significant experience advising clients on a wide range of compulsory acquisition matters.

Federal, state and local governments can acquire land for a variety of public purposes. This is commonly known as Compulsory Acquisition. We have acted for all types of persons affected by compulsory acquisition includes home and land owners, tenants, businesses, licence holders and mortgagees.

In addition, we have particular experience representing large businesses and agribusinesses that have been subject to a compulsorily acquisition of part or all of their interested land.

Our team of experienced Compulsory Acquisition lawyers are skilled at settling matters during the negotiation and mediation processes, but also regularly appear at courts where required.

Our Compulsory Acquisition specialist lawyers will be able to:

  • Advise on relevant compensation schemes and Land Acquisition Acts
  • Advise on potential heads of compensation including Special Value, Severance and Disturbance
  • Formulate negotiation strategies which cover residential, commercial or agricultural matters
  • Negotiate with acquiring authorities on the provision of temporary access to land
  • Arrange for compensation funds to be paid out of the Court
  • Instruct expert property or business valuers and other required professionals
  • Conduct negotiations with the acquiring authority
  • Prepare Court Claims in the relevant Land and Environment Court to obtain appropriate level of compensation

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