Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Disclosure to credit reporting bodies

  1. We may disclose certain information about you to credit reporting bodies (CRBs), for example if you fail to meet payment obligations. The CRB may include such information in reports provided to credit providers to assist them in assessing your credit worthiness. We disclose information to the following CRBs:

Veda Advantage
Phone: 1300 850 211

Dun and Bradstreet
Tel: 1300 734 806

Phone: 1300 784 134

  1. You have the right to request the above CRBs not to:
    1. use credit reporting information for the purposes of prescreening of direct marketing by a credit provider; or
    2. use or disclose credit reporting information if you believe on reasonable grounds that you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud.
  2. If you would like more information about how the above CRBs manage credit related information you can contact them directly.

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