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Wills & Estates

Our Conatur Legal Wills and Estates Team is established to assist our clients in making important decisions about how their assets are to be dealt with.

We take great pride knowing that our Wills service is  accessible, easy to use, and personalised towards each client’s specific bequests. We prepare simple wills for individuals and new couples. We also provide strategic advice on complex asset and wealth protection to high net-worth persons.

Our firm offers a broad range of services that will ensure a smooth and effective transition of assets between generations.

Our Wills and Estates lawyers can assist with:

  • Wills (Single & Couple)
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Care Directives
  • Probate
  • Family Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate & Letters of Administration
  • Baha’i Wills

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